My Top 11 Tweeters of 2011

Somehow, 2011 is coming to a close.  It has been a great year, with Twitter activity being no exception.  I’m currently following 530 people, but there are a few folks that always seem to stand out from the rest.  So, rather than participating in the dreaded #FF on Twitter, I thought I’d take a little more time and expand my recommendations here on my blog.

Some of these are very popular tweeters that you may already follow.  Others, you may not be. But all of these people are among the most entertaining/funny/interesting tweeters out there, so I think they all deserve your follow.  My eyes have been trained to slow down and make sure I read every tweet from the handles I’m about to list below.

Without further ado, here are my top 11 tweeters of 2011.  In no particular order:

1.  @Whittney217 — Put plainly, her tweets are absolutely delightful.  She in a true wordsmith who specializes in funny, everyday situations.  I love the everyday stuff.  She should have way more followers.

2.  @BorowitzReport — I’ve never really had an interest in politics until I started following Andy Borowitz.  Political satire is his bread and butter, and he has buttered so much bread this year.  It has been a lot of fun following him during the GOP debates.  The Republican candidates have afforded him quite the smorgasbord of material to work with.  Come back soon, Herman Cain.

3.  @JennyJohnsonHi5 — Be warned:  her tweets are rated R.  But man, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve nearly spit out my drink while reading one of her tweets.  They are wildly inappropriate, but absolutely hilarious.  Also, I’ve really enjoyed the guest posts she’s written for Grantland.  She is a ball of entertainment.

4.  @JayBilas — There are three guarantees in life:  death, taxes, and @JayBilas tweeting ridiculous Young Jeezy lyrics every morning.  He consistently shares interesting articles and provides his unique spin on college hoops.  Also, his snarky RTs of some of the ignorant tweets his followers send him offer a good deal of laughs.  I’ve always been a huge Bilas fan, but Twitter has cemented that.  Even more impressively, in addition to his work for ESPN, he’s also a practicing attorney at a law firm in North Carolina.  Outstanding.

5.  @JimmyTraina — If there is anything worth watching/reading on the internet, Jimmy will point you to it.  Whether it be in his twice-a-day Hot Clicks posts or his tweets throughout the day, he’s a great source for the best viral finds.  He’s also a huge Seinfeld fan, which is a big plus.  His tweets about the everyday stuff are quite enjoyable.

6.  @darrenrovell — Some people knock him for tweeting too much.  However, I get bored when there’s nothing happening on my timeline.  If you are ever away from Twitter for an extended period of time, the only handle you need to head to in order to get caught up on what you missed is Darren’s.  He specializes in sports business, but also tweets about a variety of other topics.  I had the pleasure of meeting him in New York this summer, and he’s a really down-to-earth guy.  For him to take the time to meet with a complete stranger from Twitter really impressed me.  I think about 60% of my followers can be attributed to Darren.

7.  @JimGaffigan — My 2nd-favorite comedian of all time, behind only the great Jerry Seinfeld. What makes Jim great is that he’s just as funny on Twitter as he is in real life.  His tweets are clean and his frequency makes him a great follow.  If you want the most consistent laughs that Twitter has to offer, follow Jim.

8.  @robdelaney — See #3 above, except these tweets are often rated NC-17.  Rob fires off some of the funniest tweets out there, so I tolerate the occasional filth for a good deal of laughs.  When you’re texting your friends, “Please check @robdelaney‘s latest tweet”, you know it’s quality material.

9.  @PeytonsHead — All sports jokes, all the time.  If you’re a sports fan and you like to laugh, this account is a must-follow.  His identity has remained a mystery up to this point (as far as I know), but that’s fine with me.  As long as he continues to deliver hilarious tweets, I’m happy. And you’ll never have to ask yourself, “Where has @PeytonsHead been?”  He stays current, and his frequency is amongst the highest on Twitter.

10.  @FauxJohnMadden — He’s neck-in-neck with @PeytonsHead for the best sports comedy account on Twitter.  If you’re watching football, you also need to be on Twitter following Faux Madden.  There isn’t a line he won’t cross.

11.  @EliFromBrooklyn — Very few people stay as connected to Twitter as Eli does.  He’s extremely clever, and keeps you on top of all the latest in social media and sports.  He knows Twitter inside and out, and works very hard at it.  I also had the pleasure of meeting him in New York this summer.  He bought me a steak/sushi dinner.  Solid!

I realize this list of recommendations is extremely biased toward sports and/or comedy, but these are the accounts that I enjoyed the most in 2011.  I’m expecting big things for 2012, and I am confident that these accounts will not disappoint.

Happy tweeting!

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