Had a total Seinfeld moment today: “YOU’RE Donna Chang?”

Had a total Seinfeld moment today that I couldn’t possibly fit into a tweet, so I figured I’d stretch it into a quick blog post.

My wife (@malburns95) and I had our 14-week check-up on Baby Burns.  Our doctor’s office has several doctors in it, and they like to have you meet each one so that you’re familiar with all of them (in case your main doctor isn’t on call when you happen to go into labor).  Anyway, the doctor we were meeting today was Dr. Edmund Gomez.  We had not met him yet, so being the observational (judgmental?) person that I am, I just assumed he was someone of Latin American descent.  It’s not something I dwelled on too much, though.  My assumption just became my expectation.  We waited a few minutes, and heard a knock on the door.  In walked Dr. Gomez.  Whoa…I was way off!  To my complete surprise, he was Japanese!

Those who aren’t Seinfeld fans may not have gotten the tie-in yet.  In an episode titled “The Chinese Woman”, Jerry sets up a blind date with a woman named Donna Chang.  The entire time leading up to the date, Jerry assumes he’s meeting up with a Chinese woman, which he is very excited about.  Upon meeting her, to his shock/dismay, he discovers that she’s white. “YOU’RE Donna Chang?”  Here’s a clip from the episode where Jerry first meets Donna Chang.  Side note: how incredible is YouTube?  I found a perfect clip from the exact episode of Seinfeld I wanted in one search!

Not an epic blog post by any means, but my life is honestly an episode of Seinfeld, so I thought this little tidbit was worth sharing.  How does that saying go?  When you ASSUME, you make an ASS out of U and ME?  Lesson learned.

    • Eli
    • January 17th, 2012

    Internet, you stink for not having pics of Doc Gomez available in my search results.

    • JR
    • January 17th, 2012

    That’s totally worth sharing. Love random Seinfeld moments throughout the day.

    I once had a “Donna Chang moment”. Couple years ago I had to give a statement to a police detective whose last name was Chu. I assume Asian, right? Nope. As white as me.

  1. That’s funny. I would have definitely assumed Asian as well. It throws you off even more when the person is male. An interracial marriage could change a female’s last name into a whole mess of confusion.

    • Isaac Steury
    • January 17th, 2012

    dude, loved it haha

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