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I was on SportsCenter today

The power of social media never ceases to amaze me. To make a long story short, a single tweet sent by a Steelers fan during Super Bowl week got me and my friends on SportsCenter today.

If you’re not familiar with my friend Seth Paladin‘s story about his crazy Super Bowl week with Antonio Brown, you can read the full CNBC story here. I helped Darren Rovell write this story, which instantly blew up and was featured on Yahoo!’s front page as well as (unfortunately, the link to their story seems to be dead), Bob & Tom, and other various Steeler blogs/podcasts. He even got a call from a producer in Hollywood who wants to feature him in an upcoming documentary on social media.

So, fast forward two months later. Randomly this afternoon, ESPN anchor Steve Weissman sent a tweet to my friend Seth and asked for a follow so he could DM him something. Antonio Brown was set to appear on the 3:00 edition of SportsCenter. Having heard Seth’s story from Super Bowl week, Steve reached out to Seth and asked if he’d like to call in during the show and surprise his new-found friend Antonio. Seth agreed, and a couple hours later, he was live on the air. Check out the video below. Seth comes in at 1:25.


Seth is buttery smooth, isn’t he? I’m the one all the way to the left in the group pic they showed. So now I can forever say that I appeared on SportsCenter! Great stuff. Way to go, Seth!