Transcript of every tweet Manti Te’o sent to @lovalovaloveYOU / @LennayKay / @LoveMSMK

So I went through Manti Te’o’s Twitter feed and found every tweet that he sent to his “girlfriend”. According to the smoking hot Deadspin story, Manti’s fake girlfriend used the account @lovalovaloveYOU from 2011 to April 2012, @LennayKay from April to September 2012, and @LoveMSMK ever since. Te’o doesn’t have too many tweets, so it wasn’t that difficult of an exercise. I’m actually shocked that he hasn’t deactivated his account. I wanted to get this up ASAP before all the tweets were gone.

All I did was go to, searched his name to pull up every single one of his tweets, then did a CTRL + F on all three Twitter accounts. I copy/pasted the embed codes and have embedded them below. He may or may  not have been in the process of deleting them as I was going through this, because tweets to @LoveMSMK are nowhere to be found (the account has been deactivated). I would still think tweets from Te’o to that account would still be visible, though. Odd.

Below are the tweets, from oldest to most recent. Twenty tweets to @lovalovaloveYOU, twenty to @LennayKay.

This is a snapshot of Te’o’s “relationship” with this person. Does it look authentic to you?

    • Sopranogirlie
    • January 17th, 2013

    I had no idea u could so easily search through people’s tweets this way! What are you some twitter sensei! You’ve done some pretty awesome investigative journalism. I’m impressed. -Rachel (sopranogirlie)

  1. I’m impressed too…he constantly contradicts himself in written press reports, in video interviews, in prepared statements (doubtful prepared by Te’o), in published tweets. Hard to believe that someone with this level of access to the press, is so stupid that he thinks he can pull this off. In USA Today, the Notre Dame AD Swarbrick is quoted as saying that he and Te’o went over the story three consecutive days to make sure they understood all the facts. Sounds more like they were rehearsing the story they were putting out to the press.

    • I also found it interesting that Te’o’s interview with ESPN’s Jeremy Schaap yesterday was canceled. I couldn’t believe he scheduled it in the first place. He didn’t know what else Deadspin knew. They could have put out an update that would have ruined him had he told more lies in the Schaap interview. It’ll be interesting to see where this goes.

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