2013 NCAA Tournament Pick’em

march-madnessMarch Madness is the best time of year, but I get sick of filling out brackets. For something different, join my 3rd annual NCAA Tourney Pick’em pool.

Here’s how it works: create a lineup of players from each of the 16 seeds. Points that each of your 16 players score throughout the tournament will be tallied up. The lineup with the most total points scored throughout the tournament wins.

A few notes:

  1. Your lineup should consist of not only players that you think will put up big points, but also ones that are on teams that you expect to make a deep tournament run.
  2. Your picks must consist of one player from each of the 16 seeds. For example, you’ll pick one player from the #1 seeds, one player from the #2 seeds, and so on.
  3. Your 16 players must consist of 9 guards and 7 forwards/centers.
  4. If the play-in games will impact your picks, then don’t submit your lineup until after those games play out.
  5. I’ll run it all through e-mail and will send out scoring updates after each round.
  6. Each lineup is $5 to enter. You can enter as many lineups as you wish.
  7. Payouts will be the following: 1st = 70%, 2nd = 20%, 3rd = 10%

If you’re interested, tweet me your e-mail address: @burnSTYLEr. I’ll create an e-mail list and will follow up in the next day or two with a spreadsheet to enter your picks on as well as how to submit payment (PayPal/Chase QuickPay). Feel free to forward this on to anyone you know. The bigger the pool, the better.

Good luck!

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